Membership Payments

New Billing System Notice

Starting September 1, 2021 we will be using a new billing and attendance system. Accounts that exist in the current web site based system will be deleted on August 31, 2021.

We are aware that some current account holders are having trouble canceling their existing account. If you are having trouble please send email to:

You may switch to the new system at anytime by:

  1. Canceling your current/old account on this site.
  2. Creating an account via this link:
Dojo Members use this area to pay your dues electronically.  You have three payment options:

  1. You may always pay your fees in person at the Dojo with cash or check ans possibly a credit card.
  2. You may pay with a credit card by visiting this page every month
    and choosing one of the “Pay Now” buttons below.
  3. You may pay with a credit card by creating an account through this web site and setting up automatic, monthly billing. This means that the
    Central Illinois Aikikai and its card processor will place a charge on your credit card every month.
    You can stop this service by “canceling” your
    web site account at any time — NOTE:
    canceling your web site account is not the same as canceling your dojo membership.  You must still pay your monthly dues if you
    cancel this web site account. To leave the dojo please contact the dojo by
    phone, postal mail, email or speak with an Instructor.

Paying Monthly (Pay-Now buttons)

These payments are applied to August 2021


Adult: Low Impact Only

Student, Full time (18yr+)

Youth: Under 18

Youth: Sibling

8 Week Intro. (for Adults and non-youth Students)

Mat Fee (per class fee for visitors)

Kyu Rank Testing Fee for Adults and Non-Youth

Qualifications for Adult testing include (but are not limited to):

  • The minimum number of training days specified on the list of required techniques per rank.
  • Dojo dues must be up to date.
  • The Dojo testing fee must be paid.
  • USAF dues must be current (for 5th Kyu and above).
Kyu Rank Testing Fee

USAF Annual Fee (Buy-Now buttons)

For Adults and non-youth Students — REQUIRED for 5th Kyu and later testing

USAF Annual Fee
$45 (plus $1.66 PayPal fee)

Setup Automatic, Monthly Billing (Create web site account)

Create Web Site Account

Manage Web Site Account Requires LOGIN