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Central Illinois Aikikai

USAF Aikido Dojo in Urbana, Illinois USA

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Aikido Classes

Central Illinois Aikikai has offered classes in traditional Aikido to the Champaign-Urbana area of Illinois since 1974. We offer classes for Youth (7-13 years old), Adults (13+ years old) and modified Aikido classes for those interested in movement without "falls".

Youth Classes

Youth classes are offered to those 7-13 years of age. Aikido offers an opportunity to study a martial art in a non-violent and non-competitive atmosphere. Emphasis is on etiquette, safety, self-control, concentration and flexibility.

Youth can try the first two classes for free. Beginners should wear loose, comfortable clothing (such as a t-shirt and exercise pants that go below the knee).

Youth may transition to Adult classes based on various criteria. Youth age 15 or older are required to attend Adult classes. Youth 13-15 are encouraged to attend Adult classes and some younger than 13 may receive suggestions to attend Adult classes based on physical size or observed maturity.

Adult Classes

Youth 15+ years old and Adults 18+ may attend Adult classes. Emphasis is on etiquette, safety, self-control, concentration and flexibility. Learning the techniques in the United States Aikido Federation syllabus as both Nage (defender) and Uke (attacker) is important for the overall understanding of Aikido.

Adult Aikido students will develop the physical skills necessary to perform the techniques. Perhaps more important is to develop the skills necessary to deliver appropriate attacks and accept the application of the techniques in a flexable, adaptable and safe fashion.

Other Aikido Based Classes

From time to time Central Illinois Aikikai may offer "No Falls" or other "movement" classes based on Aikido principles and techniques. The emphasis is on gaining or maintaining flexibility more than developing martial abilities.

Please see the class calendar for schedule details.

Other Classes

From time to time Central Illinois Aikikai may offer non-Aikido classes. Non-Aikido classes must fit within the existing Aikido class schedule as well as have a philosophy that aligns with that of Aikido in general and Central Illinois Aikikai.

Low Impact Aikido

If you have always wanted to try a martial art, and are nervous about taking hard falls, getting injured, or have practiced a martial before and just want to get back in shape, this is the class for you. We will be practicing all the warm-ups, exercises, footwork, body movements, and some of the joint locks of the Japanese defensive martial art of Aikido, both individually and with partners, in a very controlled and methodical way. The emphasis will be on concentration, awareness, posture, balance, and self-defense. Our focus will be on training in a joyful manner and using the minimum amount of force necessary to apply effective techniques.

We will spend some time sitting or kneeling on the mats during warm-up exercises, but the majority of the class will be spent standing up. We will be working on self-defense techniques that could lead to throws, but stop short of taking any hard falls.

This class can either serve as a stand-alone class, or eventually lead to your participation in some of our more vigorous regular classes. You do not need to wear a gi (uniform) for this class. Sweatpants and T-shirts are fine.

If you would like to participate, you can start anytime, but please show up 15 minutes early to enroll.

Vaccinations Required.

Class Meets Wednesdays 6:30 to 7:30pm. Cost: $45/month or $15/class.


Shinkendo ( is offered one day a week at this time.

Please see the class calendar for schedule details.